Poll: Most Israelis Support Azariya in Shooting Case


Almost two thirds of Israeli Jews support Elor Azariya, the soldier indicted for shooting a wounded Arab terrorist this March, according to Tel Aviv University/Israel Democracy Institute poll released on Wednesday afternoon.

Respondents in the poll also leaned toward a policy of killing terrorists at the scene of an attack, rather than taking them into custody.

Data showed that 64.8 percent of Israeli Jews said the IDF soldier’s conduct was justified or “very much justified,” as opposed to 25.3 percent who said he was not justified. Ten percent had no opinion.

Nearly half, 46.8 percent, said they supported such a change, while 44.9 percent said that once a terrorist is no longer an immediate threat, arrest and prosecution is the proper course to take.

A majority of Jews, 51.5 percent, also voiced support for the declaration by some reserve soldiers not to do reserve duty until Azariya is cleared of charges and freed, while 43.5 percent said they should serve.