Terror Group ‘Warns’ Israel Over Fate of Hunger Striker

Hamas terrorists at an anti-Israel rally in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah in February. (Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)
Terrorists. (Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)

Members of the Popular Front terrorist group over the weekend issued a warning to Israel regarding the fate of terrorist Bilal Ka’id, who has been on a hunger strike for over two months. Ka’id has been in an Israeli hospital in Ashkelon, where he is connected to a feeding tube. A report Sunday morning said that Ka’id had been transferred to the hospital’s intensive care unit.

In its warning, the terror group said that Israel “should not try our patience. We will never abandon our prisoner.”

Ka’id’s hunger strike was the cause of another wave of such strikes. Several hundred terrorists stopped eating several weeks ago. The terrorists are protesting what they call “humiliating” searches and attempts by prison authorities to separate prisoners, a move prison officials undertook in response to a developing security concern over possible mass action by terrorists. The terrorists are demanding that they be returned to their original cells.