Gedolei Yisrael Issue Call About Cellphone Use by Yeshivah Students

Citing the distracting and destructive effect the usage of these devices has on their Torah studies, Gedolei Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael issued a historic kol korei this week calling on all yeshivah bachurim to refrain from having in their possession any type of cell phone, including kosher ones. The Gedolim stressed that cell phone use has proven to be a continuous distraction for students and added that parents are required — as part of their overall obligation of chinuch for the children — to see to it that their sons do not have cell phones, even if this will cause them added expenses or tirchah.

“Think about a father sitting at the supper table, surrounded by family members who are talking to him. It is unrealistic to expect him to be able to learn Torah at such a time,” a noted Dayan and mechanech explained in a conversation with Hamodia. “That is what it is like — all day — when a yeshivah bachur has a cellphone. The years he is in yeshivah are precious; it is vital that he be allowed to learn interrupted, and that is something which is impossible while he is in yeshivah [if he’s using a cell phone].”

The Gedolim gave their brachos to all the bachurim who adhere to this call, stating that in this merit they will be zocheh to hatzlachah in Torah and yiras Shamayim amid simchah and harchaavas hadaas, good zivugim and nachas from all their descendants.

The kol korei was signed by, shlita, the Rebbes of Alexander, Belz, Biala, Boyan, Chernobyl, Ger, Koidenov, Kretchenif, Lelov, Machnovka-Belz, Modzitz, Nadvorna, Pinsk-Karlin, Pittsburg, Rachmastrivka, Sadigora, Sanz, Seret-Viznitz and Viznitz, as well as Harav Chaim Meir Wosner, Rav of Zichron Meir in Bnei Brak.

Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita, wrote a letter noting the corrosive effect that cell phone usage has on yeshivah bachurim, giving his heartfelt brachos to all the bachurim who refrain from using any sort of cellphone — even a kosher one.

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