Cop Arrested Outside Trump Tower for Grabbing Secret Service


A retired police officer who tried to breach a secure area outside Trump Tower as Donald Trump was coming home was freed without bail Wednesday after he told a judge she can trust that he’ll stay out of Trump’s building.

Anthony Shark, 54, charged with assaulting Secret Service agents, was carrying a gun legally and posed no threat to the Republican presidential nominee when Shark tried to enter the closed-off street at 10 p.m. Tuesday. He defied agents’ orders, tried to walk through a sealed-off stretch of sidewalk and grabbed at agents.

Defense lawyer Annalisa Miron said Shark works as a security guard at a jeweler near Trump Tower and is “not a danger to the community,” adding that Shark needed his weapon for his security job.

Miron claimed the incident was an “example of Donald Trump ruining another regular person’s life.”