Black Lives Matter Targets Israel


The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has issued a platform in which it villifies Israel as an “apartheid state” which perpetrates “genocide” against the Palestinian people.

Although it was not readily apparent why the group, which has focused on protesting police brutality against African-Americans, was commenting about Israel, members told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that they believe the situation of the Palestinians parallels that of black Americans.

“Going through checkpoints, seeing rubber bullets reminds us what our comrades and some of us experienced in Ferguson [and] IDF soldiers totally remind me of the cops that brutalized [me],” Ash-lee Henderson, a Black Lives Matter organizer, said.

While the BLM platform chiefly attacks the United States for what it calls systematic racism and global imperialism, it does also criticize one other country—Israel. Israel is singled out for its “oppresive” policy toward the Palestinians no fewer than ten times.

BLM members say they are also developing ties with the BDS boycott of Israel. The platform lists BDS as a resource, along with a website for Black-Palestinian solidarity.