Changes Made to Guard Law Weeks Before School Begins

Yochonon Donn

NEW YORK – A month prior to the new school year, several changes were made to a New York City law going into effect which allows nonpublic schools to hire security guards at city expense.

The changes came at the request of Agudath Israel of America. The application period is now open for private schools to join the program, which was sponsored by Councilman David Greenfield and signed into law by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Eligibility for the program, and the number of guards reimbursed, follows student enrollment. That is, schools must have at least 300 students to be eligible for the program, and schools with 500 or more students are reimbursed for two guards. The changes include clarifying that pre-kindergarten students are counted toward that number.

It also allows reimbursement from the first day of school, even though there is a delay in the eligibility process due to the launch of a new program

In addition, the city will host workshops on the new program on Wednesday, with others scheduled for Aug. 22 and Sept. 16. Interested school administrators can reserve space by emailing