Secret IDF-Marines Exercise Uncovered

U.S. Marines exercises. (Mike Blake/Reuters)
U.S. Marines exercises. (Mike Blake/Reuters)

A secret joint exercise of IDF special forces and U.S. Marines held last week in the Negev in part aimed at combating terrorist activities, was revealed by Israel media on Thursday morning.

The drill dubbed ‘Noble Shirley,’ involved special units from the Israeli Air Force, Navy and ground forces in helicopter landings behind enemy lines, urban warfare, close-range combat and military takeover techniques.

The operations also included medical rescue of wounded soldiers in enemy territory and the coordination of Israeli and U.S. medical networks.

The drill was said to have been conducted during day and nighttime hours.

Last week’s reported drill came some three weeks after the Defense Ministry and the U.S. Missile Defense Agency completed an exercise to develop cooperation between Israeli and American air defense systems.