Labor to Vote on When to Vote

By Hamodia Staff

YERUSHALAYIM – Israel’s Labor party will vote on when to hold its primary to choose a new chairman on July 31, amid an ongoing struggle between incumbent Isaac Herzog and rivals over the leadership, The Jerusalem Post reported on Thursday.

Herzog has been seeking to put off the decision as long as possible, to July 2017, while the challengers want it as early as possible. The original date for the voting was May 2016, but it was postponed indefinitely.

The date was finally fixed for this July to decide when to hold the actual vote after the party’s secretary general, MK Hilik Bar, insisted that it be delayed no longer.

“We cannot wait any longer,” MK Erel Margalit agreed. “The leadership race must be held immediately in order to present an alternative to Israel’s dangerous Prime Minister. I will do everything possible to ensure that the race will be sooner.”