High Tech Smuggling Thwarted at Erez Crossing


Israeli authorities intercepted an extraordinary shipment of goods at the Erez Crossing into Gaza on Wednesday.

Of the hundreds of smuggling attempts that have been thwarted in recent weeks by the Ministry of Defense Crossing Authority and the Shin Bet, this was the most spectacular. It included: security cameras, 14 small UAVs, UAV components and model airplanes, binoculars, laser pointers for weapons, communications equipment and electronic boards, tasers, weapons components, diving watches equipped with flashlights, flippers, miniature cameras, GoPro cameras, DVR cameras, banned electronic components, satellite communications equipment, surveillance cameras, telephone switchboards, Wi-Fi antenna, packages of motion sensors, routers and slingshots. This is a partial list.

Officials said that Wednesday’s discovery demonstrates the heavy pressure being put on smugglers and terrorist operatives by the Shin Bet, COGAT, Tax Authority, Israeli Police and the Ministry of Defense Crossing Authority.

The materials were confiscated and an investigation has been launched to locate those involved and responsible.