NIS 10 Million Project Nets Zero Preservatives Hummus

Hummus (Flash 90)
Hummus. (Flash90)

Hummus sales are down this year by 13.4 percent, and Strauss, the producer of Sabra brand hummus and Israel’s largest hummus maker, is concerned. On the chance that the reason is the increased desire of Israelis to eat healthier, the company has developed a new version of its product that is completely free of artificial additives, including preservatives.

The product has been under development for over two years, and Strauss has invested NIS 10 million to develop it – NIS 2 million of that money a grant from the Chief Scientist’s Office of the Economy Ministry, which saw the development of the product as a unique effort by a large company to enhance healthy eating.

Because it has no preservatives, the hummus must be consumed within five days of opening, instead of within 40 days with its standard products. The company is betting that people will be willing to do that if it means that they are eating a healthier product, a company spokesperson said.

Economy Ministry Chief Scientist Avi Chasson said that his office “recognized the need for innovation, and we help fund companies large and small to develop new products, including in the food industry. We are proud to be a part of the health revolution in the food industry, as Israelis have become more aware of and more interested in developing healthy eating habits.”