Regional Briefs – June 29, 2016

Man Throwing Rock at Cars Yells Anti-Semitic Slur

BROOKLYN – Police are searching for a suspect who shouted an anti-Semitic remark and threw a rock Tuesday night through the window of a moving car on Nostrand Avenue, The Associated Press reported. There were no injuries.

Offical Gets $20K in Health Benefits for 5 Hours a Week

RARITAN, N.J. – It’s a good job — if you can get it. A Raritan Township commissioner who works five hours a week earns just $2,100 but gets health benefits worth $20,000, reported. The town’s committee on Monday ordered a stop to the benefits by the end of July.

Judge to Farmer: Stop Using Crushed Eggshells as Fertilizer

BETHEL, N.Y. – A state judge ordered a farmer to stop using eggshells as fertilizer after neighboring businesses complained the smell and clouds of flies drove away customers, the Times Herald-Record reported. Peter Hofstee says the ruling will put him out of business.

AC Councilman: Cut 2 Council Seats to Save Money

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – An Atlantic City councilman proposed saving money by eliminating two of the six council seats — but not his own, The Associated Press reported. Marty Small wants to eliminate two of the three at-large council seats that do not represent particular districts to save $120,000 a year.

Unattended Bag Causes Brief JFK Airport Terminal Closure

NEW YORK – Kennedy Airport’s Terminal 5 was evacuated for about an hour Wednesday morning after a police dog flagged an unattended bag, The Associated Press reported. Police were alerted when the K-9 unit sat down next to the bag. The dogs are trained to sit down next to items of concern.

NY to Spend $500,000 to Restore Pollinator Colonies

ALBANY – New York plans to spend $500,000 to restore bee pollinator colonies in the state, The Associated Press reported. The “Pollinator Protection Plan” developed by a task force includes restoring habitat and helping spread information to reverse a steady decline.