Palestinian Violence at Kever Rochel, Highway 443, Yehudah and Shomron


For the first time since the beginning of the wave of terror last October, a Palestinian riding a motorcycle fired a shot at an Israeli vehicle as it traveled on Highway 443, north of Yerushalayim in the early evening, Tuesday.

B’chasdei Shamayim, there were no injuries.

The terrorist fled the scene toward the Arab town of Shuafat before security forces could arrive.

Meanwhile, rioting at Kever Rachel involving rock throwing and firebombs marked the last 36 hours. This, after 3 homemade grenades were flung there on Monday at Jews who had come to daven at the Kever. No injuries were reported.
Dozens of rock throwing incidents were reported from various locations in Yehudah and Shomron on Tuesday. Three such incidents occurred on Highway 443 near Beit Horon. There was damage to Israeli vehicles but nobody was hurt.

Cars were targeted by rock throwers near Efrat, and a woman was lightly injured by shards of glass when a rock hit her car windshield in the Binyamin region. She was given first aid at the scene.

Security forces arrested four terrorists wanted for acts of violence and rioting, near Ramallah overnight Monday. They were taken for questioning.