Jewish Terrorist Sentenced to Life in Prison


The Israeli High Court upheld the two life-term sentences meted out to Jewish terrorist Jack Tytell for murdering Palestinians, on Tuesday.

Tytell was sentenced by a lower court in November 2015 for the murders and an assortment of other crimes.

At the time of sentencing, Tytell said that he had no regrets, and in fact was proud of what he had done.

The court had determined that Tytell was sane and “responsible for his actions,”

despite Tytell claiming that an “angel” had controlled him.

Born in Florida, Tytell was convicted of murdering Palestinian taxi driver Samir Balbisi, who was found shot dead in his cab on June 8, 1997.

Tytell also murdered a Bedouin shepherd, Isaa Mousa’af Mahamada, whom he shot near the town of Carmel, near Chevron, in August 1997.

While still in the U.S., he decided to murder Palestinians and came to Israel for that purpose, smuggling a gun into the country by hiding it in a VCR.

He came to Israel in 2000, lived in Shvut Rachel, north of Yerushalayim, where he married and had four children.