Police Disperse Rock Throwers at Har HaBayis


For the second consecutive day, Israeli police and visitors were the target of Palestinian rock throwers at Har HaBayis, and responded with non-lethal riot equipment, The Jerusalem Post reported.

The masked rioters hurled rocks and other objects until dispersed by the police on Monday morning.

The incident followed a similar one on Sunday when rocks, chairs and shoes were thrown, leading to the arrest of four men and a decision to reinforce security at the site.

“The police collected intelligence about the Arab youths, some of them masked, who were involved in the attacks who barricaded themselves during the night in al-Aksa Mosque in order to confront police and harm visitors to the area during Ramadan,” police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.

No arrests or injuries were reported on Monday.

Rosenfeld noted that police have permitted hundreds of thousands of Muslims from across the region to enter the Old City to pray at the mosque since Ramadan commenced three weeks ago without any incidents of violence, and would continue to do so.