Fourth of July Travel Will Be Especially Big This Year, AAA Predicts

(Los Angeles Times/TNS) -

Going out of town this Fourth of July weekend? Be prepared for lots of company.

Nationwide, travel over the holiday stretch is expected to jump 1.3 percent to 42.9 million people.

The travel frenzy is being fueled by lower gas prices, as well as a growth in consumer confidence, Filomena Andre, AAA’s vice president for travel products and services, said in a statement.

Travelers may run into long lines at airport security.

In the spring, the Transportation Security Administration was heavily criticized over lengthy screening lines at airports that caused thousands of travelers to miss their flights. This month, the head of the TSA said significant progress had been made on shortening waits by adding lines and staff.

Government officials have been urging travelers to sign up for TSA PreCheck, which allows fliers to use an expedited screening line if they first submit to a government background check. But the program has become inundated with applications, and it can take weeks to get an appointment to enroll.