Experts Examine Debris That Might Be From Malaysian Airliner Lost in 2014

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (dpa/TNS) -

Experts are examining a piece of debris found in Tanzania that is suspected to be part of the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared in 2014, the Malaysian transport minister said on Saturday.

The debris is so far the biggest fragment linked to the Beijing-bound jet, said Liow Tiong Lai.

“If it is confirmed that the debris belongs to a Boeing 777 aircraft, we will send a team to Tanzania to conduct further investigation,” he said.

Photos of the debris showed it has a bolt with a serial number believed to be used on Boeing 777 jets. The photos appeared on social media last week.

Liow said experts have also confirmed that bags and other personal items recently found on the shores of Madagascar were not connected to the missing jet.

Flight MH370 was believed to have crashed in the remote Southern Indian Ocean with 239 people aboard, but an Australian-led search team has not found the main wreckage.

So far only a few pieces of aircraft debris found on the beach in Madagascar have been confirmed to be part of the passenger jet.