East Yerushalayim Dentist Arrested in Terror Bombing


A Palestinian dentist and family members from east Yerushalayim have been apprehended in a bombing on May 10th near the village of Hizme which seriously wounded an IDF officer.

According to the Shin Bet, the dentist, 36-year-old Dr. Samer Mahmoud Dawoud Alhabiya, hid 56 small pipe bombs in his office in Abu Dis, along with two Molotov cocktails and a large pipe bomb.

Under questioning, Alhabiya confessed that he began planning attacks back in February as revenge for what he said were “desecrations of the Al-Aqsa mosque and Israel’s harming of Palestinian children.”

In the Hizme bombing, several devices were remotely detonated by cellphone, leaving an Second Lieutenant Shahar Roditi with shrapnel wounds and broken facial bones. He was released from hospital two weeks later.

Arrested along with the dentist were his father, 64-year-old nurse Muhammed Dawoud Shahada Alhabiya, his brother, 42-year-old Dr. Dawoud Shahada Mahmoud Alhabiya – also a dentist –, Qalandiya resident and dentist Dr. Daganeh Faiz Jamil Nabhan, aged 36, and the main suspect’s cousin, 32-year-old Shadi Mahmoud Ahmed Muhsan of Abu Dis.