Shaked Unfazed by Herzog Revelation


While Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) says she is glad that Israel didn’t elect Isaac Herzog prime minister, thus saving the country from “Camp David 2,” she was not especially surprised or indignant over his secret election eve negotiatons with the Palestinians revealed on Sunday.

“This is the clear agenda of the Labor Party and we don’t need to get angry at them for trying to put their agenda into effect. I am just happy that the Jewish People was smart enough to choose a right-wing government in order to prevent such plans from coming to fruition,” Shaked told Arutz Sheva.

Nor did she condemn it as a disloyal act, but rather a legitimate part of the election campaign and an attempt to prepare the way for a Herzog-led government which would have to deal with the Palestinians.

“This was during the election period and he prepared himself for ruling. I think that this emphasizes the difference between the right and the left in the recent election. As I said, the Jewish People are smart and wise, and we were saved from an attempt at Camp David 2, after Barak’s Camp David brought us the second intifada.”

When asked whether her Jewish Home party is worried that Netanyahu might at any time succeed in bringing Herzog into the coalition and pursuing the kinds of far-reaching concessions he agreed to in the secret talks, she said that “in the end, we will remain in the government for as long as we can exert an influence and feel that we are a meaningful part of it. In the end, it is the prime minister’s decision and he will decide whether he wants government with Jewish Home as he promised before the elections, or if he prefers a government with Herzog. In the end, it’s his decision.”

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