Herzliya to Operate Busses on Shabbos

An aerial view of Herzliya (Flash 90)
An aerial view of Herzliya. (Flash90)

The Herzliya Municipality announced that beginning in July it would operate its own public transportation system. City-operated buses will ply the main streets, with the route ending at the beach.

In a statement, the municipality said that the free bus service will “allow anyone who wishes to enjoy themselves at the beach, the park, downtown, or who needs to travel for medical needs, to do so.” Mayor Moshe Fadlon said in the statement that “the municipality wishes to ensure that all citizens, including those who do not have a car, will be able to get around safely.”

In response, Rabbi Elad Tzadikov, a member of the city council representing Degel HaTorah, said that the party and Herzliya’s observant residents “vehemently oppose this program. I managed to get the mayor to promise that no Jewish drivers would be employed in this project. We were unable to get him to shelve this program altogether, due to his commitments to leftist and secular parties, which are very strong in Herzliya. We can only hope and pray that this ‘experiment’ turns out to be a big flop.”