Police Declare New Policy on Return of Terrorists’ Bodies


Israeli authorities have toughened their policy regarding the return of the bodies of slain Palestinian terrorists for burial, after a recent funeral became the scene of incitement, Ynet reported on Wednesday.

The Israel Police said it would not permit funerals and burials for terrorists from East Yerushalayim in their neighborhoods or villages, but only in Muslim cemeteries chosen by the police.

After the funeral of the terrorist Alaa Abu Jamal several weeks ago attracted a mob of about 200 shouting support for terrorism, Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan ordered a freeze on returning the bodies. He said that the family of the terrorist had broken promises to the authorities that the funeral would not be used for incitement.

According to the new decision, made in consultation with Erdan, the police will decide the location, which will enable them to better supervise matters.

Erdan stated, “We mustn’t allow shows of incitement and support of terrorism in the streets of Yerushalayim, and a family that doesn’t meet the requirements of the police doesn’t need to receive the body to bury.”

In response, the lawyer Mohammed Mahmoud filed a petition with the High Court on behalf of two terrorists’ families who are waiting for the return of the bodies.