Mossad Using “Help Wanted” Riddles


The Mossad has revived a recruitment technique pioneered by British Intelligence in WWII, publishing a riddle composed of seemingly random lines of code in different newspapers.

When solved, the code revealed the proposition: “Are you ready for a challenge?” Several further riddles led the candidates to a security simulation which asked for their help.

“Good morning Agent C!” the simulation message read. “One of your colleagues has been taken hostage by an unidentified group, and is being held in a previously unknown facility…The rescue team needs your help in opening this mechanism so they can enter and search the premises.”

Information security researcher Yossi Dahan said of the Mossad’s unique filtering process, “in the event that the candidate successfully passes all of the stages of the challenge, then they can submit a resume.”

Dahan lauded the somewhat novel approach. “This is an excellent technique for the Mossad because it is a means of demonstrating the skill and ability of the participant to the interviewer,” Dahan said.

Dahan added that the Mossad’s challenge even attracted participants who were not necessarily interested in working for them, but just enjoyed playing along.