Mysterious Hazmat Spill in Yerushalayim


A hazardous materials incident occurred in a Yerushalayim neighborhood Tuesday morning, making some residents sick and prompting authorities to temporarily cordon off the affected area, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Hazmat personnel were dispatched to Moshe Dayan Boulevard in the Pisgat Ze’ev section of the capital after an unidentified chemical spilled from a loaded truck into the street.

Some residents who were exposed to the substance reported vomiting and a burning sensation in their eyes. They were treated by MDA personnel.

Firefighting and Rescue Service officials recommended that residents stay indoors and keep air conditioners turned off to prevent further exposure to the hazard.

Police took the further precaution of closing some roads and light-rail accessibility was cut off to areas presumed to be affected by the spill.

The location of the spill was washed and cleared by noon and residents were advised it was safe to resume normal activity.