NYPD to Crack Down This Week on Motorists Who Endanger Bicyclists


The New York Police Department is attempting to make the streets safer for bicycles by cracking down this week on motorists who endanger bicyclists.

NYPD officers “will be conducting enforcement in and around bicycle lanes, targeting hazardous violations by motorists,” NYPD Chief Thomas Chan, head of the Transportation Bureau, said in a press conference Monday. Chan said officers will also be looking to issue summonses to motorists who park in bike lanes, double-park or park their vehicles in “no standing” zones.

The “Bicycle Safe Passage” initiative is part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s ongoing “Vision Zero” campaign to reduce traffic deaths.

Chan said that as the weather warms up and more people use bicycles as transportation, New York City is trying to ensure that bike riders “can utilize these lanes in a safe manner.”

The initiative runs through Friday, May 20.