Tefillos on Behalf of Harav Moshe Mordechai Chadash

Ultra Orthoodx jews from the Or Elchanan Yeshiva seen during a prayer for the recovery of Rabbi Mordechai Chadash, the head yeshiva of Or Elchanan in the ultra-Orthodox city of Bnei Brak, May 14, 2016. Photo by Yaakov Naumi/Flash90 *** Local Caption ***  áåâøé éùéáú 'àåø àìçðï' äúëðñå åäúôììå ìøôåàúå ùì øàù éùéáúí - àåø àìçðï - äøá îùä îøãëé çãù
Many talmidim and alumni of the Ohr Elchanan yeshivah gathered Motzoei Shabbos for an atzeres tefillah for the recovery of Hagaon Harav Moshe Mordechai Chadash, in Bnei Brak. (Yaakov Naumi/Flash90)

Tefillos are being held across the Torah world on behalf of Hagaon Harav Moshe Mordechai Chadash, shlita, Rosh Yeshivah, Yeshivas Ohr Elchanan in Yerushalayim.

Harav Chadash was hospitalized last week in the Shaare Zedek hospital in Yerushalayim. Although the doctors are, baruch Hashem, happy with his progress, he will need to remain in hospital for some time.

Throughout the week, the talmidim of the yeshivah held special learning sessions for the refuah of their Rosh Yeshivah. Tefillos were held Thursday night in the yeshivah, and a special learning session was called for Friday afternoon, two hours before the onset of Shabbos.

Harav Moshe Mordechai Chadash
Harav Moshe Mordechai Chadash delivers a shiur at the Yarchei Kallah of Agudath Israel in Yerushalayim, earlier this year. (A. Perl)

On Motzoei Shabbos two large tefillah events, attended by many talmidim and alumni of Yeshivas Ohr Elchanan, were held. In Yerushalayim, the tefillos were held at the Kosel, while in Bnei Brak, an atzeres was held at the Concorde Hall.

All are asked to continue to daven for the complete recovery of Harav Moshe Mordechai ben Tziviah Leah, b’soch she’ar cholei Yisrael.

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