Palestinian Teens Arrested for Security Barrier Arson


Six Palestinian teenagers were arrested for violent activity at the security barrier near Beitunia, north of Yerushalayim, Thursday morning.

The youths, ages 14-17, set a fire near the barrier and also hurled rocks at Border Police at the scene. There were no reports of injuries.

In other security incidents on Thursday, rock-throwing was reported in the capital and on the road to the Etzion Bloc, where passing Israeli vehicles were the targets, according to Israel Radio. B’chasdei shamayim, no injuries or damage were reported.

In Yerushalayim, a 16-year-old Arab teenager threw stones at a car on Uzi Narkis street, which runs through the neighborhoods of Pisgat Ze’ev and Beit Hanina. The assailant was arrested for the attack, in which the vehicle sustained damage, according to Walla news.

Earlier Thursday, a 20-year-old was stabbed and lightly wounded in Pisgat Ze’ev, though police had not determined that it was an act of terrorism. The assailant escaped.