Judge: Reveal Co-Conspirators in GWB Scandal


A list of unindicted co-conspirators should be made public in the case of two former allies of Gov. Chris Christie charged in the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal, a judge ruled Tuesday.

Little is known about who or how many people are on the list, but District Judge Susan Wigenton noted that a U.S. attorney limited the list to those “whom the Government has sufficient evidence to designate as having joined the conspiracy.”

The ruling came after a lawsuit filed by media organizations, who called it “a matter of tremendous interest to [those] … who rely on the George Washington Bridge.”

Wigenton rejected arguments that the privacy of those on the list was at risk. She added that cases involving violations of the public’s trust increase people’s need to monitor proceedings.

“Although privacy for third-parties is indeed important, this Court is satisfied that the privacy interests of uncharged third parties are insufficiently compelling to outweigh the public’s right of access,” she said.