High Court Recommends Returning Bodies of Terrorists


The Israeli High Court expressed itself on the contentious issue of withholding the bodies of Palestinian terrorists for burial, though issuing only a recommendation, not a ruling, that the government should hand them over without delay.

Supreme Court Vice President Elyakim Rubinstein urged “the police to coordinate with the families and return the bodies of their sons before Ramadan,” which begins in early June.&

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has strongly advocated the policy of not returning the bodies, because it prevents funerals for terrorists turning into political demonstrations and acts as a deterrent.&

However, others, including senior figures in the IDF say it only aggravates tensions with the Palestinians, leading to more violence.

The families of the terrorists – who were killed as they carried out deadly attacks – accuse the security forces of taking revenge against them for the actions of their sons and say it has added to their grief.&

Since it was framed as a recommendation, the Court’s opinion will not be legally binding on the government, though it will increase pressure to change the policy.