Hamas’s Response to Tunnel Revelation: More Mortars

The latest tunnel to be discovered by the IDF. (IDF Spokesperson)
Discovering the terror tunnel near the Gaza border. (IDF Spokesperson)

Hamas responded to the latest revelation of a terror tunnel running from Gaza to Israel with mortar-shell attacks on IDF soldiers who were operating on the border fence, mapping out the location and position of the tunnel in preparation for its demolition. Five mortar shells were fired at Israeli soldiers Thursday afternoon after news of the new tunnel was unveiled. B’chasdei Shamayim, there were no injuries in the attacks.

The tunnel was uncovered as part of extensive counterterror efforts of the IDF that have taken place since Operation Protective Edge, the army said in a statement. The tunnel was built by Hamas in order to infiltrate Israel and execute terror attacks against the people of southern communities. The IDF will continue its counterterror activities to uncover and neutralize Hamas’s offensive tunnels, the statement said.

Since Tuesday, Gaza Arab terrorists have fired 10 mortar shells at IDF soldiers along the Gaza border fence.

According to the IDF spokesperson, “We remain committed to safeguarding the people of southern Israel while Hamas is committed to violence and terror. No one should be living in fear of being attacked in their homes by terrorists infiltrating from underground. The IDF is determined to maintain the safety and stability of the area and will continue to use all means necessary to target Hamas’s terror activities.”

Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, an IDF spokesman, said that Israel did not want any escalation of conflict but would do whatever was needed to ensure its security.

“We are prepared to operate in order to prevent these tunnels entering into Israeli territory, even if it means we have to continue operating on the far side (of the border).”

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