Security Forces Arrest Culprit in Six Year Old Shooting Incident

Israeli police. (Moti Karelitz/ZAKA)
Israeli police. (Moti Karelitz/ZAKA)

Security officials announced Wednesday that they had arrested Ruchi Salach al-Salachi Ataf, a terrorist who in 2010 shot at Israelis near the Rimmonim Junction in the Binyamin region. Two Israelis were injured in that attack.

The junction is located near Kochav Yaakov, north of Yerushalayim. The two occupants of a vehicle driving in the area on September 1, 2010, were injured in the shooting; one was injured seriously. A joint task force of IDF soldiers, Shin Bet investigators, and police tracked down the terrorist and arrested him earlier this month, officials said.

After the shooting, Ataf was detained by the Palestinian Authority. Upon his release in recent days, the Israeli forces arrested him. In a statement, the security officials said that Israel would reach out and arrest anyone involved in terror attacks and capture them, regardless of their location or how long ago they committed their crime.