Elbit’s BrightNite Wows World’s Copter Pilots


Elbit’s BrightNite system for helicopters to fly in the darkest night won plaudits from pilots around the world during a series of demonstration flights, Globes reported on Wednesday.

The new equipment enables utility helicopters to operate in poor visibility on over 90% of nights, under conditions that would ground aircraft using existing navigational systems.

Dozens of pilots from Air Forces around the globe came to Israel to participate in the demo flights on an Airbus Twin-Star helicopter.

The pilots were enthusiastic, according to quotes furnished by Elbit: “A breakthrough system that changes flight philosophy…it opens a whole new flight arena… flying with the system was amazing, it was an experience far above my expectations… the system literally opens any night to flight.. a crucial system for helicopters in night operations…the system is like magic,” said one pilot.

BrightNite claims to overcome the problem of spatial disorientation that has plagued flight in poor visibility.

The system processes real-time panorama video, enhanced by a 3D conformal mission symbology concept, and transmits high-resolution video to the Helmet-Mounted Display (HMD). BrightNite utilizes unified location-based information culled from a wide FOV to display crystal clear images, in zero visibility and zero latency, the company said.