Netanyahu Seeking to Quash Bill to Limit PM Tenure


Knesset members are taking sides on a bill to limit a prime minister’s tenure to two terms, which Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu opposes, though many MKs, even some within the Likud, say they favor.

While Netanyahu is seeking to quash the move, members of his own party are working behind the scenes to advance it in the coming summer session, according to Ynet on Tuesday.

If approved, the law will probably not be applicable to the incumbent, and Netanyahu could theoretically serve a total of six terms as prime minister.

“But saying that two terms as prime minister is enough is directed first of all at him,” a senior Likud official stated, explaining Netanyahu’s opposition.

The bill was initiated by Zionist Camp faction chairwoman MK Merav Michaeli, and was signed by all the chairmen of the opposition parties.