Shin Bet Arrests 6 Israeli Youths Who Attacked Palestinians


Shin Bet officials say they have apprehended six Israeli youths in a “Jewish terror” group suspected of carrying out attacks against Palestinians and their property last year.

The Shin Bet says the suspects acted with intent to harm and kill Palestinians. The suspects are two minors, a 19-year-old soldier and others in their early 20s based in Nachliel, in the Shomron.

It says members of the group were responsible for attacking a Palestinian farmer with rods and tear gas, injuring him. It says members of the group also threw firebombs into a Palestinian home in November while family members slept, and Israeli army gas canisters into another home in December while a Palestinian family were asleep. It says no one was injured in the attacks.

The Shin Bet announced the arrests on Wednesday, which it said took place earlier this month. It said Israel would indict the suspects.