Herzog Questioned by Police Over Illegal Donations

Yitzchak Herzog (Flash 90)
Yitzchak Herzog. (Flash90)

Zionist Camp head Yitzchak Herzog was questioned “under warning” by police Sunday over allegations that he received illegal donations during the 2013 party primaries. “Under warning” indicates that the investigation on the matter has now taken on criminal overtones.

Police are investigating allegations that Herzog received donations from unnamed but “interested” groups or individuals during the primary campaign that catapulted him to leadership of the party over rival Shelly Yechimovich. He did not report the donations, neither to tax authorities nor to the National Election Committee, as required by law. According to sources quoted in Yisrael Hayom in March 2015, Herzog used the money to run a campaign against Yechimovich.

In a statement, Herzog’s office said that the party head and opposition leader “arrived at police headquarters to provide his version of the events to investigators. This has been Herzog’s wish and desire from the moment it became known that an investigation was going on. He wishes to provide any information necessary in order to put this matter behind him. Herzog has complete faith in the justice system.”

Encouraging Herzog was MK Eitan Cabel, among his most loyal colleagues in the party. “Herzog did the right thing by testifying,” Cabel said. “I believe in his honesty and and the truth of what he says. This is the time to calm things down in the party.”