Croatian Jews Hold Holocaust Vigil Amid Far-Right Surge

JASENOVAC, Croatia (AP) -

Croatia’s Jewish community has held a separate Holocaust commemoration at the site of a notorious World War II death camp to protest the government’s alleged inaction to curb the surge of neo-Nazi sentiment in the country.

About 300 Jews held their remembrance Friday at the Nazi-run World War II death camp at Jasenovac, near Zagreb, a week before the ceremony that is to be attended by government officials, which the Jewish community is boycotting.

The president of the Coordinating Committee of the Jewish Communities, Ognjen Kraus, says that the separate commemoration was held as a warning to the new right-wing Croatian authorities that they are downplaying the crimes committed by Croatia’s pro-Nazi regime during the war.

Tens of thousands of Jews, Serbs and Gypsies died in Jasenovac, which is known as the Croatian Auschwitz.