Terrorist Who Assisted in Murder of Hadar Cohen Indicted

Israeli policemen stand next to blood stains at the scene where three Palestinians, who were shot dead by Israeli police after carrying out what Israeli police spokesman said was a shooting and stabbing attack outside Damascus gate to Jerusalem's old city February 3, 2016. REUTERS/Ammar Awad
Israeli policemen stand at the scene where three Palestinians were shot dead after carrying out a shooting and stabbing attack outside Damascus Gate, killing officer Hadar Cohen, Feb. 3. (Reuters/Ammar Awad)

An Arab terrorist who assisted the three terrorists who murdered Border Police officer Hadar Cohen, Hy”d,  in February was indicted Friday. The Yerushalayim resident will be charged as an accessory to murder, negligent homicide, aiding and abetting terrorists, interfering with a police investigation, and other charges.

Cohen was killed by three terrorists who made their way from the village of Kabatya, near Jenin in northern Shomron, to the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Yerushalayim – armed with guns, bombs, and knives – to carry out the attack. The terrorists were able to evade heavy security, and apparently brought their weapons with them.

They were transported from the Ramallah area by the Arab who is to be indicted Friday. As a Yerushalayim resident, he was able to travel into the city with his residency permit, with the three terrorists and their weapons hidden in his vehicle. He also provided the terrorists with food and other assistance, the indictment said.

The three terrorists were killed at the site, one of them apparently shot by Cohen herself, who managed to open fire on one of them after she was shot, but before she passed away. The Palestinian Authority’s official media celebrated the three as “heroes” for succeeding not only in carrying out the attack, but also in sneaking past Israeli security with weapons and bombs. Providing aid and comfort for the families of the terrorists was PA chief Mahmoud Abbas, who visited the families of the terrorists, calling them “martyrs” and promising to assist in any way possible.