IDF to Construct Milestones in Countering Terror in Yehuda and Shomron


The IDF unveiled a new tactic in combating terrorism in Yehudah and Shomron on Wednesday night—large concrete mile markers that will help people to pinpoint their location in the event of an attack and relay it to security forces for a faster response.

The yellow blocks, bearing large numbers and letters designating the exact location in black paint, will be placed on sidewalks and roads throughout the region.

“The project is aimed at shortening the response time to incidents unfolding in the area by creating a ‘common language’ between civilians and IDF forces,” Major Michael Biton, officer of the Engineering Division for the Binyamin Regional Brigade, told Arutz Sheva.

“During a rock-throwing, shooting attack, or explosion, every resident will be able to most accurately report where the accident happened, thanks to these concrete markers.”

For example, a mile marker in Shomron will include the Hebrew letter ‘shin’ (ש), and a number corresponding to location within that region. Several markers are already up on Routes 60 and 90.

“Citizens will be able to call the hotline and note the letters and numbers, and we will know where they are … allowing us to arrive at the scene and treat wounded as quickly as possible,” Biton said.

Additionally, he said, “such concrete blocks on the ground may reduce the space in which we search for the terrorists. It’s a very large area. It is important for us not to waste time to figure out where the event occurred, so we can get there [quickly].”

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