Terror Flags Fly Everywhere in Eastern Yerushalayim


The flags of Palestinian terror groups fly throughout the Arab neighborhoods of eastern Yerushalayim, a clear demonstration of where local loyalties lie, as a video of the area taken on Monday showed.

Yerushalayim Councilman Arieh King, also the founder and director of the Israel Land Fund (ILF), filmed the scenes, showing green Hamas flags and Palestine Liberation Organization flags hanging from power lines and graffiti on the walls, including images of a bloody knife in a call for terror attacks.

King took the video while driving his motorbike through Abu Tor and other areas just south of the Old City.

Right under Har HaBayis from the south “there’s no law and no sovereignty,” he intoned.

“This is what the capital of Israel looks like when there is no law enforcement, when there is no implementation of sovereignty.

“It has already been two years that I am demanding from the Mayor [Nir Barkat] to increase the enforcement of planning and building laws and criminal treatment against those polluting the city and those writing graffiti on the walls facing public spaces.”

“But as your eyes can see, there are priorities in the city according to which culture, perks and public relations come before a thorough treatment of the terror dens and an implementation of the sovereignty and enforcement of the law.”

King denounced the demolition of batei knessios and yeshivos in the area while “they forbid demolishing mosques,” adding that there are at least 57 illegally constructed mosques in the city.

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