Yaalon: Flood of Jihadists Threatens Europe


Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon warned his Polish counterpart Antoni Macierewicz on Wednesday that Europe faces a massive, ongoing threat of terrorism on the continent.
Europe has been flooded with “hundreds of jihadists planning to strike Western targets on European soil,” Yaalon told the Polish defense minister in a meeting in Tel Aviv at his offices in the Defense Ministry headquarters.

“We are concerned that what we saw in Paris and Brussels is just the start, and that attempts to carry out terror attacks in Europe will continue,” he said.

Yaalon added that jihadists in Europe are stockpiling weapons and knowledge that they acquired through fighting in Syria, and continue to be stoked with radical theology.

“Israel and Poland share common values and interests, as well as many, complex challenges,” Yaalon said during the meeting. Defense cooperation benefits both countries, he said.

“Unfortunately, Israel is very experienced in dealing with these challenges, both in their conventional and terrorist perspectives, rockets, and more. We are prepared to cooperate and share knowledge and technology.”