Clinton, Sanders Agree to Brooklyn Debate Ahead of New York Primary


Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have agreed to a Democratic presidential debate next week in Brooklyn, ensuring a high-stakes showdown ahead of the state’s influential primary.

The two campaigns confirmed Monday the candidates would appear at the debate April 14, the Thursday before the April 19 primary.

Clinton, a former New York senator, holds a significant lead over the Brooklyn-born Sanders among delegates, but the Vermont senator is hoping a win in Tuesday’s primary in Wisconsin will build more momentum against Clinton in her adopted home state. Sanders has won five of the past six states to hold contests.

The announcement by CNN that it would host the debate ended days of acrimonious negotiations, with both sides accusing each other of playing games with the proposed forum.

Sanders’ campaign said it agreed to move a major New York City rally scheduled for April 14 to the night before so Sanders could attend the debate.