Tadiran Under Fire for Faulty Air Conditioners


The Israeli air conditioner company Tadiran has been accused of systematically evading responsibility for life-threatening malfunctions, causing a sharp drop in its share price on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

A journalistic investigation discovered that some Tadiran air conditioners have gone up in flames, in one case leading to the deaths of two children of the Roimi family aged seven and eleven, in Moshav Keshet on the Golan Heights.

After company shares went down 9 percent on the TASE on Sunday, Tadiran Holdings controlling shareholder Moshe Mamrud promised to take responsibility, and that the company he controls would replace all the air conditioners from the problematic series with new ones, Globes reported.

According to a media report, “Tadiran did its utmost to evade responsibility” in each case. The alleged evasion was said to be systematic; when compensation payment was unavoidable, the company sought out-of-court settlement, generally accompanied by a confidentiality agreement.

In response to the charges, Tadiran said: “When the faults were discovered, in early 2008, when Tadiran was still owned by Carrier, a notice to the company’s customers was published via the media in order to reach the end customers in whose homes the air conditioners from the series in question had been installed. To the best of the company’s knowledge, following the recall announcement, most of the air conditioners from these series were properly dealt with.”