Arabs Arrested for Online Incitement

Weapons discovered in an IDF raid. Photo by IDF Spokesperson/Flash90
Weapons discovered in an IDF raid. (IDF Spokesperson/Flash90)

Two Arab youths from Yerushalayim were charged with incitement to violence and planning terror attacks. The indictments were handed down in a Yerushalayim court Wednesday against the two Arabs, age 16 and 25, who were accused of distributing messages encouraging violence against Jews on social media.

Among the materials they distributed were messages by Hamas, declaring that “tomorrow Tel Aviv will declare a day of mourning.” The 16 year old wrote several times that he wished to become a “martyr” and also presented images of dead terrorists, promising to “avenge” them.

Arabs on Wednesday afternoon threw rocks at Israeli vehicles driving in the area of Shuafat. There were no injuries, but there was damage to a vehicle. Police were searching for the culprits.

Overnight Tuesday, police announced Wednesday, a search had yielded a large trove of weapons and ammunition in Shuafat. The weapons included guns, knives, bullets, and other items. The weapons were seized and the owners of the apartment where the materials were found were taken into custody.