Police Crack Down on Illegal Fireworks, Toys, Costumes

Police display confiscated toy weapons and  firecrackers. Photo by Yossi Zamir/Flash 90
Police display confiscated toy weapons and  firecrackers. (Yossi Zamir/Flash90)

Police overnight Wednesday raided a warehouse in northern Israel that held firecrackers, dangerous toys and costumes containing toxic ingredients that have been banned in Israel. Police have increased their vigilance and enforcement against the sale of such items in the weeks before Purim, when many of these items show up in the market.

Among the items confiscated were dozens of air rifles that were designed to shoot clay bullets, an item that is banned in Israel. Other “weapons” included cap guns using caps with higher than permitted levels of gunpowder, and many items with sharp edges designed to appeal to small children.

Large amounts of firecrackers were seized as well. Among the seized firecrackers were mini-rockets with large amounts of gunpowder, as well as firecrackers containing illegal substances that could cause skin or internal damage to those exposed to their fumes.

In a statement, police said that Purim-related injuries bring dozens of children to hospitals each year for treatment from cuts, burns and other injuries caused by dangerous objects. “Parents need to ensure that the items they buy for their children are approved as safe, because the danger from other non-approved items is very real, as the statistics of children injured as a result of these products each year proves.”