Arab Israeli Killed Fighting for IS


An Arab Israeli from Umm al-Fahm was killed while fighting for IS in Syria, his family was informed on Sunday, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Khalil Saleh, 28, was apparently killed during an American bombing raid on IS targets. He was the seventh Arab-Israeli reported killed in the Syrian conflict, out of 50 who are said to have gone there to fight. They were residents of Taybeh, Iksal, Nazareth, Hura, and Umm al-Fahm.

Saleh entered Syria through Turkey three years ago. “The family lost all contact with their son,” said a family friend. “All they know is that he was killed and they have no further details. It’s a shame when anyone thinks about joining such groups, as their end is known. Up to now, it was hard for me to understand who was behind brainwashing the young people and convincing them to join IS. This is a very serious thing.”

In a separate item, in Nazareth, also on Sunday, Mahmoud Faiz Sadi was accused of transferring $1,500 to his brother Mustafa, who is fighting for IS in Syria.

According to the indictment filed against Sadi, he sent $500 on three occasions to his brother, who left for Syria in June 2014.