Hundreds Sent to Shelters Friday Night as Hamas Fires Rockets at Negev

Kassam rocket. Photo by Yossi Aloni/FLASH90
A Kassem rocket. (Yossi Aloni/Flash90)

Arab terrorists in Gaza fired four mortar shells at the Negev late Friday evening. The Red Alert siren system sounded, sending hundreds of residents to hunker down in bomb shelters. All the rockets fell in open areas, and no injuries or damage were reported, b’chasdei Shamayim.

In response to the shelling, IDF planes bombed several targets in Gaza. The targets were either sites where Arab terrorists manufactured rockets, or staging areas from which the shells were fired. The IDF said in a statement that it would continue to defend Israel against attacks by Gaza terrorists, and that it considered Hamas responsible for all such events.

Hamas claimed that a ten-year-old boy was killed in the IDF response and that a second boy was badly injured. The boys were killed when a structure that their family lived in collapsed as a result of the Israeli raid.

Hamas said in a statement that “we will not be silent when our children are killed. Israel is trying to tempt us into another war. They should not try our patience, because it will blow up in their faces.”