IDF Takes New Steps in Countering Terror Surge


In the wake of the terrorist surge this week, the IDF began to deploy around the houses of terrorists who have expressed on social media their intention to launch attacks.

Large special forces units entered dozens of terrorists’ homes in Yehuda and Shomron during the past 24 hours, along with Arabic-speaking Shin Bet agents to warn them not to carry out their plans.

The IDF is saying that this is just one aspect of its program to deal more effectively with inciters in the media and the Palestinian street.

The forces that went into the Arab towns, did so with a knock on the door late at night. Some of the would-be attackers said defiantly that they would act in spite of the warnings, and were taken into custody for questioning.

Overnight, security forces arrested 31 suspects in Yehuda and Shomron.

In addition, military engineers made preparations for the demolition of the homes of terrorists who perpetrated attacks on Tuesday, in A-Zavia, southeast of Kalkilya, and in Hazha, northeast of Kalkilya.

On Thursday night, the security cabinet convened in Tel Aviv for a special meeting concerning the intensification of the terrorism around the country. They deliberated over what measures should be taken in the coming days, and specifically certain specific proposals that were made during talks with Vice President Joe Biden.