Lawyers Sentenced for Acting as Messengers for Terrorist Groups


Two lawyers from the eastern part of Yerushalayim were sentenced to prison on Monday for carrying messages between Palestinian terrorist groups in Gaza and security detainees in Israeli prisons, the Times of Israel reported.

Medhat Issawi, 42, and his sister Shireen Issawi, 37, were sentenced to eight and four years, respectively. They were charged in 2014 for conveying messages to terrorists in prison. They, and four other attorneys, were arrested that year by the Shin Bet and Israeli police.

Specifically, the lawyers were convicted of transmitting instructions for hunger strikes and details of prisoner releases, and were paid NIS 500-700 ($144-$200) per message. Some of the communications were conveyed to Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives abroad.

The communications related to the finances of running Gaza organizations, the logistics of hunger strikes, identifying which prisoners were to be released in the Gilad Shalit deal, and organizing support for Khaled Mashaal to lead Hamas.