Kahlon Proposes Outsourcing Construction


For many years, Israel has made up for a shortage in skilled construction workers by bringing them in from China, Europe and the local Palestinian population. Now, Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon wants to go a step further, importing not just workers but whole companies.

Kahlon intends to present his initiative to the housing cabinet on Monday. In the first stage, six construction companies would be allowed to employ 6,000 foreign workers in Israel, Globes reported.

A statement put out by the Ministry of Finance on Sunday explained that it’s one of a series of measures to accelerate the pace of building and increase the housing supply for young couples and those not owning homes.

The plan calls for establishing a pool of companies that will operate over five years and which will include six foreign construction companies that will be selected in a call for proposals process. The chosen companies will have major experience in residential construction. Each company will be allocated visas for up to 1,000 foreign employees for wet work only in building homes. Each foreign company will be allowed to cooperate with Israeli contractors.