Jordanian Diplomat Caught Smuggling Gold, Phones


A Jordanian diplomat was caught attempting to smuggle gold and mobile phones into Israel on Sunday, Arutz Sheva said.

Customs inspectors caught the Jordanian embassy staffer carrying in dozens of pounds of gold and hundreds of phones into Israel at the Allenby Bridge Crossing on the Jordan border near Jericho.

A similar incident occurred involving a smuggling attempt in the car of a European Union (EU) representative just a month ago.

On Sunday, the customs inspectors said their suspicions were aroused when they found dozens of phones of various types in the car of the embassy employee. That led to a more thorough inspection, which turned up another 300 or so phones, along with a cache of gold bars and jewelry thought to be made from real gold.

Once the search was completed, the diplomat was allowed to return to Jordan.