Man Assaults NYPD Officers While Being Arrested for Anti-Semitic Incidents


A man who was being investigated for anti-Semitic incidents in East Harlem assaulted NYPD detectives with a knife and is facing attempted murder charges, reported JP Updates, citing NYPD officials.

At 4:10 p.m. Wednesday, NYPD Detectives Michael Diaz and Sebastian Chichotly entered the apartment of Oliver Stewart-Vukicevic at 1787 Madison Avenue. The detectives were armed with a search warrant, as part of an investigation into several incidents that have occurred in East Harlem during the past several months, in which anti-Semitic and Nazi propaganda have been painted on Jewish homes and hateful letters have been left at the door. In one such incident, two swastikas were painted on a Jewish family’s home and left was left at the door stating, “American Holocaust, you are dead Jew.”

When the detectives entered Stewart-Vukicevic’s home, he yelled that he was “going to kill [the] cops,” and attacked them with a kitchen knife. Diaz was hit in the knee, and Chichotly was hit on the head. Both were treated at Harlem Hospital and then released.

Police found swastikas and anti-Semitic letters in Stewart-Vukicevic’s apartment.

Stewart-Vukicevic was arrested and charged with attempted murder in the first degree and second degree, assaulting a police officer, menacing, 15 counts of aggravated harassment as a hate crime and 15 counts of stalking as a hate crime.