Anti-BDS Bill Headed to Florida Governor’s Desk

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP/Hamodia) —

Florida wouldn’t be able to invest in companies that boycott Israel under a bill now headed to the desk of Gov. Rick Scott.

The Florida House on Wednesday voted 112–2 for a bill that would force the State Board of Administration to identify companies that boycott Israel and then notify them that they are on a “scrutinized companies” list. The board is responsible for managing the state’s retirement fund.

If the companies continue to boycott Israel, the board would not be allowed to invest in those companies. It would also place limits on state agencies from contracting with companies on the list.

The push to take action against companies that boycott Israel is a reaction to a global movement backed by Pro-Palestinian groups.

There are multiple bills under consideration in Congress and in over 20 state legislatures targeting BDS. Many of the state bills mandate the divestment of state funds, including pensions, from entities that boycott Israel and a number of those bills extend protection to the settlements. Illinois and South Carolina have passed into law in recent months anti-BDS bills that include protection for Jewish businesses in Yehuda and Shomron.

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